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EMMA (Available - Ready to Home 2/19/24)

Brown Female

Emma’s gorgeous chocolate coat with tuxedo markings is stunning. She is sweet and just a delight to snuggle. She is calm and has a great disposition. Her eyes are lighter in color. Very sweet and beautiful. Apply here on


DARCY (Reserved)

Parti Brown Merle Male

Darcy is just handsome as can be with his blonde Merle parti coat. He has two different colored eyes, one blue one more hazel colored. Really gorgeous coloring. He is sweet and likes to play. He is pretty adventurous, and not too nervous in new situations.


ELIZABETH (Reserved)

Parti Blue Merle Female

Elizabeth or as our kids have been calling her- panda. Is just the sweetest little lady. She has a sweet personality so far. We love the Merle patches around her eyes. She also has a black spot on her back, and one blue eye and one brown eye.


HARRIET (Reserved)

Parti Brown Merle Female

Harriet has beautiful Merle coloring, and is quite the cuddle bug. She is brave and curious about new situations. She loves attention, and to cuddle. Very sweet girl.


WENTWORTH (Reserved)

Sable Male

Wentworth is a handsome little dude. He has a tuxedo pattern with white paws and chest. He looks black at first glance, but upon further examination, you can see light brown underneath. His sable coat looks more beautiful and changes with each passing day. I am really excited to see how this guy coat looks in the coming weeks. He is a total snuggle bug, but also likes to play, and is very friendly.


BINGLEY (Reserved)

Sable Male

Bingley is sweet as can be with dark coat that has light highlights. His coat is becoming more sable and keeps changing by the day. He is so handsome, I can’t wait to see what he is like in a couple of weeks. He is friendly and loving. He loves to play, and greet everyone who comes over to the puppy pen.


KNIGHTLEY (Reserved)

Black Male

Knightley is a sweet and snuggly boy. He is a stunner with his black curly coat and tuxedo markings. He is pretty laid back, friendly, and likes to play.


CAPTAIN (Reserved)

Blue Merle Male

Captain is a popular puppy. His sweet disposition and beautiful blue Merle coloring, are sure to steal hearts. He is calm and loves to eat and cuddle. 🥰


DASHWOOD (Reserved)

Parti Brown Merle Male

Dashwood has stolen a lot of hearts around here. He is sweet as can be and we love his parti blonde Merle coloring. He has one blue eye and one hazel. He is a real show stopper! He is very calm, and not very high energy. Very sweet cuddly boy.


IMG_3670 (2).jpg


Blue Merle Irish Wolfadoodle



Black & White Parti Poodle

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