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Gentle & Giant Irish Wolfhound/Poodle Crossbreeds for Families and Therapy


Identified by the American Kennel Club as "Courageous, Dignified, [and] Calm," the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dog breeds; named for its role in protecting against and hunting for wolves. It is a legendary breed, prized for loyalty and a serene and agreeable nature.


Graceful, non-shedding, and hypoallergenic; poodles are exceptionally intelligent dogs. They are cuddly, social, and built for agility and athleticism.


An Irish Wolfhound and Poodle cross, combining the physique and gentle nature of the wolfhound to the longer lifespan and deep intelligence of the poodle; with a chance to bring in exceptional hybrid vigor and a less shedding or fully hypoallergenic coat. Ideal family or therapy companions, with a smart, gentle, and loyal nature. 



Our dogs are our pets first and foremost; raised around small children, handled frequently throughout the day, and given constant love and attention. Our goal is to produce well socialized and healthy puppies for a lifetime of love and service.

Spring 2024 Litter Available

I am happy to announce an upcoming litter of F1b wolfadoodles!

This is an Irish Wolfadoodle mom (half Irish Wolfhound, half Standard Poodle with Merle coat) and a mellow, black and white Parti Poodle stud.   

Applications are now opening for this litter if you are interested:

The puppies will be born in a couple weeks, and should be ready to bring home February to March of 2024.


Thanks for submitting!

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